December 14, 2016

Don’t Forget your Heating System this Holiday!

The holidays can certainly be a busy time for everyone.  With a to-do list over a mile long, remembering household maintenance like changing your home’s air filters or scheduling a furnace cleaning quickly fall to the bottom.  However, neglecting your heating and cooling systems can cost you in the long run.  Here are some important things to keep in mind this winter!

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  1. The most common reason for a system breakdown is because of dirty filters.

Let’s face it, no one wants a heating system breakdown in the middle of winter.  Especially if you consider the going rate for an emergency service call.  That is why tending to your furnace or boiler regularly will save you from having a headache later.   It is recommended that your air filters be cleaned or changed about once a season, totaling about 4x per year.  In addition, a thorough cleaning of the unit should be performed by a professional HVAC company once a year.  This should include replacing the nozzle, oil filter, and pump screen.  Extending the life and efficiency of your equipment is easy to do with an annual cleaning.

  1. Dirty air filters can actually increase your energy bills.

This seems counterproductive with all the high efficiency equipment out there these days, but it’s true!  When the filter is blocked, it causes the motor to have to work harder to get the air through.  The harder the system is working, the more energy being used causing your utility bills to sky rocket.  In addition, the more stress on the motor can cause it breakdown which can lead to costly repairs/replacements.  According to the Department of Energy, you can save 5 to 15% on you bills by consistently changing your furnace’s air filters.

  1. Respiratory issues and allergies can worsen with dirty air filters.

Filters are meant to remove dust, dirt, and dander from the air.  Whether that air is being pulled into your furnace or blown out into your home, these filters are there to prevent all the contaminants from coming with it.  When they are blocked or obstructed, there is nowhere for the dust and dirt to go except for into your furnace or into your home.  This becomes especially true in an environment with pets.  Pets create pet dander, which is an airborne particle.   If you ever notice your allergies worsening while indoors, check clean, or change your air filters immediately.

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