Pre-Pay Program

Guaranteed Price Program

Every summer, ABC purchases heating oil futures based on expected demand.  We then sell this oil to our customers at a fixed price in advance.  This offers our customers protection against price spikes at times of peak demand.  The price of pre-pay oil varies year-to-year and is based on the market value of heating oil futures. Supply is extremely limited due to high interest among customers. We encourage you to return your reservation form as soon as possible once enrollment begins.  ABC will close enrollment once our supply is exhausted.


Terms and Conditions

  • The amount reserved cannot exceed the amount purchased during the most recent 12 months.  In the case of new customers, we will cap the purchase amount based on our best estimate of how much fuel they will use in the upcoming season.
  • The minimum reservation is 300 gallons. Maximum is 12 months of estimated usage.
  • All gallons reserved must be paid for in full at the time of reservation.  (There is no reservation without payment)
  • All participants must sign and return a copy of the agreement form, which can be downloaded HERE
    • (NOTE: 2017-2018 GPP is now closed.)
  • No other discounts can be applied to this price.

Fleet Picture No Ground

Current Central PA Heating Fuel Prices: Oil – $2.899 /gallon; Kerosene – $3.799/gallon; Blend – $3.349/gallon (Prices effective on orders placed on or after 1/11/18)