Air Conditioning Contracts

Our AC/Heat Pump service policies also include annual inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your central air/heat pump units, as well as coverage for many commonly-needed parts and services. These policies are available to everyone, regardless of what type of heat they use, or whether they buy oil from us. However, due to the nature of the services and parts covered, we require an inspection of any unit not installed by us before we can offer policy coverage for it. Those who already have Heat/Hot Water coverage with us will receive a discount on their AC/Heat Pump coverage.

AC/Heat Pump Service Policy Prices:Ken With Van

  • 1-unit service plan: $199.95
  • 1-unit service plan with existing Heat/Hot Water service plan: $179.95

To review the conditions of the AC/Heat Pump Service Policy, click HERE

Current Central PA Heating Fuel Prices: Oil – $2.199 /gallon; Kerosene – $2.699/gallon; Blend – $2.449/gallon (Prices effective on orders placed on or after 5/19/17)