Heating Contracts

Heating Contracts

Our Oil Heat/Hot Water service policies include free yearly maintenance/cleaning of your units, and cover many commonly-needed parts and services. Service calls for covered parts and associated labor are completely free of charge to the service policy holder. This includes after-hours emergency calls.

Because of the drastic nature of the savings afforded our service policy customers, we frequently operate at a financial loss when offering them. This is the reason that we only offer this type of coverage to those customers who buy their oil exclusively from ABC. It is our way of adding value to our oil service, and thanking our customers for their loyalty. Contract coverage is renewed annually.

Heat/Hot Water Policy Prices:

  • 1-unit service plan: $199.95
  • 2-unit service plan: $299.95 (for furnace and separate oil-fired hot water heater)

To review the conditions of the Heat/Hot Water Service Policy, click HERE

Current Central PA Heating Fuel Prices: Oil – $2.199 /gallon; Kerosene – $2.699/gallon; Blend – $2.449/gallon (Prices effective on orders placed on or after 5/19/17)