Privacy Policy

ABC Fuel Oil Company Respects Your Privacy
ABC Fuel Oil Company is committed to protecting the privacy of those who visit our website. This Web Privacy Policy explains our practices regarding online privacy, and it may be changed or updated as the need arises. By visiting our website,, you are signifying your acceptance of the privacy policy outlined herein.

What Data We Collect

In numerous places throughout our website, visitors are offered the opportunity to request information, make purchases, order services, or make payments, which may require the collection of personal data, including names and email addresses. Depending on the nature of the goods, services, or information requested, we may also collect your home or business address and phone number. We do not collect such personal information from you unless you provide it knowingly and voluntarily.

Our Use of Cookies

Our website sends “cookies” to your computer, and may use other interactive technologies that are designed to expand and enhance your experience when you visit our site. Cookies are small text files that can be either “permanent” (they remain on your computer until you delete them), or “temporary” (they are deleted when you leave the site or close your browser). Cookies enable us to enhance your online experience by recognizing repeat visitors, and by allowing us to initiate, maintain, and resume “sessions” wherein you may interact with the site on an ongoing basis without the need to re-enter information. They also allow you to see in your browser history, and by other indicators, which links and pages you have already visited. Cookies log usage behavior, which can include browser type, session length, pages visited, and IP address. They are used to improve user experience during sessions, and to compile data that are used to improve our website.

Our website’s cookies are generated and stored in order to record data which relate exclusively to your use of our sites. In other words, they do not track your browsing data regarding other sites you may visit. Should you not wish to disclose information to us through the use of cookies, you may disable or block them, using common features available in most, if not all, browsers. It should be noted, however, that if you block or disable cookies, you will lose website functionality.

How We Use the Information You Disclose

We use the personal information you disclose to deliver the services and information you request from us, to improve your user experience when visiting our sites, and to improve our understanding of our customers’ needs, and our ability to meet them successfully. Our number one goal in all our company practices is to assure complete customer satisfaction, and the information we collect from you on our website is used strictly to facilitate that goal.

ABC Fuel Oil Company will never sell, trade, or otherwise disclose your information to anyone else, and will never use it on behalf of any other persons or organizations. Personal information that is no longer useful or necessary to meeting our needs or yours is immediately destroyed or deleted. Personal information that is requested of us by law enforcement for valid legal reasons may be disclosed with proper court authorization only.

How We Use Your Financial Data

ABC Fuel Oil Company keeps its website and all online data entirely separate from its corporate server; we do NOT maintain an online database of customer information, in order to keep our customers’ private information as secure as possible. In addition, ABC Fuel Oil Company does NOT store credit card, debit card, or banking information electronically, and will not retain such information at our company offices unless specifically requested to do so by the owner of said data.
When you purchase fuel or make payments online, you submit your payment information to our web server via a Secure Socket Layer transaction, which is then stored on our online server ONLY until the transaction is processed, which is normally one to two business days after the user enters the information. The website user receives a confirmation page upon the successful completion of each transaction, showing what information was submitted. When the transaction has been successfully processed, all submitted information, including financial data, is immediately deleted from the database, and is not subsequently stored in any manner by us. Your financial data is used to complete the transaction requested by you, and for no other purpose. At no time is your financial data sold, copied, retained, reused, or transferred to any entity other than the financial institution processing your requested transaction. Each successfully completed online transaction generates normal invoicing information, which is stored on our company server at our corporate headquarters, in accordance with state, local, and federal regulations.

The Security of Your Information

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that your information does not fall into the wrong hands. We use a variety of technologies on our site and at our company offices to ensure that your data is as secure as possible. We cannot, however, be responsible for lapses in security that may occur on your computers or other devices, or in the location from which you send and receive this information. ABC Fuel Oil Company recommends that you protect your computer or device with appropriate antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall technologies, and make sure that they are up to date, and that the location from which you send your information is secure.

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may email us at, or write us at the following address:

ABC Fuel Oil Company
25 North Lockwillow Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Current Central PA Heating Fuel Prices: Oil – $2.899 /gallon; Kerosene – $3.799/gallon; Blend – $3.349/gallon (Prices effective on orders placed on or after 1/11/18)